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Walter Mikac

The Allanah and Madeliane Foundation


Walter Mikac’s story touched the world. His wife and two little girls were amongst 35 people shot dead at Australia’s worst ever massacre, at Port Arthur, Tasmania in 1996.

Walter’s courage and dignity in the face of unimaginable horror and had a profound and far reaching effect. It was a journey requiring unimaginable strength and courage, played out under the unrelenting glare of the media spot-light. His desire to create something positive from the devastation won him universal acclaim and led to extraordinary outcomes, including:

. National Gun Law reform
.The thriving children’s charity The Alannah and Madelaine foundation who’s mission is to keep children safe from violence.
.The recent patronage of HRH Princess Mary and an adaption of AMF’s programs throughout Denmark.

A successful author and experienced pharmacist, Walter has shared his insights at the National Press Club, on A Current Affair, 60 Minutes, SBS, ABC, and is a regular guest on 3AW.

His keynote speeches are powerful, and the uniqueness of his life story of messages leaves audiences with a renewed perspective on life that can translate into many diverse corporate and personal benefits.

In his volatile financial time, where the business landscape changes on a daily basis, one of Walter’s keynote presentations has particular relevance. Under the theme of ‘Resilience for Life’ he demonstrates through his own poignant story, the importance of being prepared for change.

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