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Walter Mikac

The Allanah and Madeliane Foundation


Walter Mikac’s story touched the world. His wife and two little girls were amongst 35 people shot dead at Australia’s worst ever massacre, at Port Arthur, Tasmania in 1996.

Walter’s courage and dignity in the face of unimaginable horror and had a profound and far reaching effect. It was a journey requiring unimaginable strength and courage, played out under the unrelenting glare of the media spot-light. His desire to create something positive from the devastation won him universal acclaim and led to extraordinary outcomes, including:

. National Gun Law reform
.The thriving children’s charity The Alannah and Madelaine foundation who’s mission is to keep children safe from violence.
.The recent patronage of HRH Princess Mary and an adaption of AMF’s programs throughout Denmark.

A successful author and experienced pharmacist, Walter has shared his insights at the National Press Club, on A Current Affair, 60 Minutes, SBS, ABC, and is a regular guest on 3AW.

His keynote speeches are powerful, and the uniqueness of his life story of messages leaves audiences with a renewed perspective on life that can translate into many diverse corporate and personal benefits.

In his volatile financial time, where the business landscape changes on a daily basis, one of Walter’s keynote presentations has particular relevance. Under the theme of ‘Resilience for Life’ he demonstrates through his own poignant story, the importance of being prepared for change.

Gordon Jenkins

Gordon Jenkins

The Visible Guy

Gordon Jenkins, The Visible Guy™, is the straight-talking authority on Networking. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, professional speaker, mentor, coach and advisor. He is the international author of Network with Purpose – Transform your skills in 4 simple steps. He has been described as ‘a first-class operator due to his strategic approach, natural relationship-building, commercial expertise, and proven methodologies delivering business and personal growth. A consummate networker constantly using his connections and networks to benefit others’.

His ability to connect with diverse groups of people is compelling. The Visible Guy has spent over 25 years enabling others to navigate, commit to and action change. He supports, helps and guides his audiences through the maze of self-belief breaking down barriers, encouraging self-driven accountability and celebrating success. The Visible Guy is living proof that no matter what the challenge, you can transform the situation and position yourself for success. The biggest cap on your growth is you.

His keynote presentation ‘Who’s on your plane?’ has garnered significant growth outcomes across a diverse range of industries including Not for Profit. Please take your seats ready for takeoff.

Topic: Who's on Your Plane?

Who is going to help you achieve your goals over the next 7 years?

How do you create activity so others are compelled to seek you out?

What if you could determine, within minutes, who, what and how you can influence decisions?

Who’s on your plane will:
• Transform the way that people interact with you
• Strengthen your purpose
• Compel others to seek you out
• Generate more meaningful relationships
• Enhance communication and trust
• Ensure that the people you are connected with are on the same journey as you.

If you want to distinguish you and your firm from the competition then you need to have the right people on your plane.

Steve Hubbard

DIFY Social

Contact Details:
Level 2, The Adream Factory, 90 Maribyrnong St, Footscray Vic 3011
M: 0418 362 181


Give a man a fish and he eats 🐟, teach a man to fish and he may not. Steve Hubbard is the Certified Practicing Marketer & Founder of Dify Social - a ‘do it for you’ social media marketing consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. Steve is arguably Australia’s best ‘local social media marketer’ having provided social media marketing account set-ups, planning and marketing management for hundreds of businesses and enterprises since 2013.

These include and have included, many well known franchise & independent brands, public listed companies, branches of a major bank, a National sporting team, a Federal political party and the Footscray Traders Association - where Steve is the VP.

Steve and Dify Social's mission is to 'protect, build and grow' businesses on and using social media marketing. His purpose being to gain competitive advantages for businesses using social media marketing tactics that include Facebook advertising, to attract and retain them more customers.

Steve's own social time is spent with family, playing with his three year old toddler (Oliver), keeping the MCG arena safe & secure and/or 'digging, setting & spiking' a beach volleyball.


Topic: Harnessing the power of social media for your NFP

Steve will share Dify Social's marketing model for participants to understand that the main objectives for their NFP social media marketing should be to:

- PROTECT and build equity in your NFP brand and business online and through social media websites.

- DIFFERENTIATE your NFP brand, business and representatives’ online and social media presence from competitors (or threat of) and exemplify for your umbrella of relationships.

- “BE TOP OF MIND” with your target communities by exponentially increasing the number of communication ‘touch points’ with your existing clients/customers, prospects and community network.

- INCREASE business development OPPORTUNITIES using inbound marketing tactics and proofing, to drive the target audience to explore their interest and engage with you via your social channels, website, phone, email and or the front door of a ‘bricks and mortar’ business.


Raphael Goldsworthy

Our Cat Herder

Contact Details:

P: 03 5429 3786



Raphael is the Managing Director of Better Boards. He has spent a decade working closely with, and curating educational programs for, NFP directors, boards and executives. Raphael has a deep interest in the intersection of technology, decision making, investment and behavioural economics. He regularly writes and speaks on technology in the boardroom, decision making and biases, governance, leadership and related NFP matters.

: Running Awesome & Effective Board Meetings

Running streamlined and effective meetings is an often overlooked part of effective not-for-profit governance. While personality clashes between board members, high stress topics and organisational or community politics can cause no end of problems for boards, most unproductive board meetings (and board problems) are caused by simple structural choices or assumptions.

Changes to basic aspects of your meetings like timing of meetings, agenda structure etc… can shift a board (or board meeting) from being unproductive to being highly effective. Join Raphael in this session to gain practical tips and insights to help you improve your board or committee meetings.


Janie Alcock


Janie began her career analysing serious crime in the UK. After spending a few years working with data to identify serial killers and rapists Janie felt a deep desire to use her skills to bring hope directly to people in need. She moved to the not-for-profit sector as a database analyst for Latin Link and soon integrated her role within the fundraising and communications team to create strategic fundraising campaigns. Janie saw the importance of online communications and project managed the creation of a multilingual website and email campaigns. Over 4 years she grew to leading the Development and Communications team and sat on the leadership team of the charity contributing to the overall strategy.

Janie took a career break in 2011 and spent time volunteering and traveling through Africa and

Asia. On arriving in Melbourne she heard that Global Interaction was looking for a Communications and Partnership Manager and offered to help for a few months. This quickly became over 5 years. In that time she took them through a comprehensive rebrand including creating a new website with online donation functionality linked with the database and integrated multichannel communications.


As well as managing the creation of all publications and fundraising campaigns she grew passionate about providing a seamless donor experience and making sure the simple act of thanking people was not missed. Most recently Janie worked for Heartburst Digital creating an online donation platform called Generous.


Topic: 7 things I learnt about digital fundraising from my grandparents

In this session Janie will share 7 insights into effective digital fundraising proving that everything old is new again. Come along for practical tips on how to launch or improve your online fundraising

Simon Oats

Simon Oats Storyteller

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Simon brings together cutting-edge research from nueroscience and psychology with years of direct experience as a live story teller and presenter to deliver an approach to communication that is strategic, practical and evidence-based.


Topic: Narrative Influence - Changing behaviour by changing brain chemistry  

How can you inspire people to support your cause and follow your lead? Give them the Data? Well, research shows that information rarely prompts action, because behaviour is driven by emotion. Try the communication technology used by great leaders throughout history - Stories.

Master Storyteller, Simon Oats will introduce you to the cutting edge science of Storytelling and cognition, and how to use this knowledge to craft powerful and persuasive personal stories.

“Telling Purposeful stories is the best way to get who you want to do what you need” - Bill Clinton


Jenny Holliday

NFP Training, Senior Facilitator and NPT Director

Contact Details:

P: 1300 144 113







Jenny Holliday is a Director and Senior Facilitator / Consultant for Non Profit Training who through her fabulouscontribution over the last twenty years’ in senior leadership roles and on not for profit boards, has recently been awarded an Order of Australia. Her NFP board appointments have been in the sporting, education and environmental sectors and has a wealth of experience in mentoring Boards and CEO’s as well as delivering training and organisational solutions through her roles with charities and non-profits.

Her experience also includes roles on advisory committees at international, state and local council levels and facilitating a range of capability building and strategic sessions within the not for profit sector including: GWH, Women’s Health Loddon Mallee, Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health and a tactical workshop for WHAV. Other links to the sector include work with Our Watch, Victorian Women’s Trust, EDVOS, Project Respect, Family Life and Family Mediation Centre.

Most recently, Jenny was made a Member in the General Division of the Order of Australia for her contribution to sport in Australia and for the second time was appointed an Ambassador for the World Masters Games Auckland 2017.

For Jenny's full bio click here

Topic: Settling the Tone from the Throne

Our NFP Board and Committee rooms are now filled with innovators, details people, influencers, sales gurus, mums and dads, experts, peace makers. Diversity that arouses positive and robust conversations to produce great outcomes for our communities.  It’s an exciting time to be a Not for Profit Board member. 

Now the big but…who has the skills to herd this group to achieve value for the organisation? Wonderwoman?  Not many have the chance to experience an effective Chair in action or have training to lead a board so we need to dig in to find what makes a great Chair and what their role is in setting culture for the organisation.  This session will give some tips for those aspiring to the position of Chair or even if you just happened be the last to the meeting and find the ‘throne’ vacant that day.




Charlotte Francis

Strategic Grants

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Charlotte Francis, State Manager VIC, SA, TAS 
In her work at Strategic Grants, Charlotte has regularly presented Grant-Seeker Workshops in Hobart, Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney, which are consistently well received and  highly evaluated. Charlotte also presents Organisational Grants Program Review Workshops where she works with senior management staff in nonprofit teams to create and put in place processes around project development, project matching, funder stewardship and application writing. 

Charlotte has worked across a variety of nonprofit sectors in the UK and Australia, in roles including events, corporate sponsorship, appeals and trusts and foundations fundraising. She is a highly experienced writer and editor, having worked as a freelance writer for charities, and a feature writer for magazines and newspapers. 


Topic: Grant-seeking Essentials: What you need in your backpack

Just as you wouldn’t embark on a mountain climbing expedition without the right equipment, neither can you set out for grants success without undertaking essential preparations!

Great planning makes for great success – but luckily you don’t need to re-invent the wheel in planning your grants program. This session with Australia’s grants experts guides you through the tried and tested, best-practice must-haves for setting up a sustainable and successful grants program, and steps to making sure your organisation is ‘grant ready’. 



Kim Boswell

The Forever Agenda, Founder

Contact Details:




Kim is a trainer, coach and facilitator who specialises in the frontlines of the not for profit sector; fundraising, community engagement and volunteer programs. She is passionate about bringing out the best in purpose driven people and guiding them to excel in their chosen cause while making a huge positive impact on the world.

Building big capacity and raising millions of dollars across the globe, Kim has worked in leadership roles in more than 25 countries, building powerful, innovative programs that make a difference in the lives of both the communities they serve, and the staff and volunteers who work within them. Kims fundraising career has seen her raise more than 15 million dollars from small donor acquisition, recruit more than 8500 volunteers and train and coach over 750 new and emerging not for profit leaders. Kim is the founder of The Forever Agenda, where she offers services and innovative programs developed to elevate those who work for a better forever.


Topic: How your money mindset is impacting your fundraising income

We all come with a backstory on money. Our story creates embedded beliefs, formed and shaped through our life experiences. The problem is that these beliefs play out throughout our language and lives, invisibly derailing our fundraising acquisition, sabotaging our personal earning potential and ultimately influencing our organisations and their ability to have an impact in the world.

The good news is, you can break the cycle; uncovering your hidden money beliefs, shifting the energy and moving forward with ease to smash your goals. We know our mind affects our reality and waking up to the impacts of our mindset of our bottom line and taking the practical steps towards shifting it is a huge gift to our  fundraising staff, volunteers, ourselves and the many people that benefit from our work.

Bianca Crocker

Bianca Crocker

Fish Community Solutions

Contact Details:






Bianca Crocker, aka The Fish Chick, is the woman behind Fish Community Solutions; a business that works with small or emerging non-profit organisations to build sustainable funding models so they can create positive change in our world. In 2012 she was awarded FIA’s Young Fundraiser of the Year and was a finalist in the Global Fundraiser of the Year. With over ten years’ experience in the charity sector, Bianca is a passionate and enthusiastic fundraiser who holds the Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) accreditation. She loves sharing her knowledge with those working in the charity sector whenever possible. As such, in recent years she has taken on multiple guest speaking opportunities both in Australia and New Zealand, and has been a tutor for the FIA’s education Program for about five years.


Topic 1: A Case for Support? Just get on with it!

A Case for Support is often hailed as the most important document an organisation can have, yet it’s surprising how many charities actually don’t have one. A vital piece in your fundraising toolbox, the Case for Support should be at the heart of your fundraising program alongside your strategy.

Potential donors and new supporters can be motivated to get behind your cause with an effective Case for Support. They will understand your mission better, the work you do, and your vision to make a difference in the community.

Topic 2: Building your community

o much of the focus in charity conversations lately is about digital fundraising and social media but it’s important to remember that engaging people offline and in real life can be really valuable too. Things like community events, peer to peer fundraising and crowdfunding are not only opportunities to fundraise for your cause, but are excellent for friend-raising.

This session will provide key details and practical take-aways about each of these activities, so you can effectively and efficiently build your community.

Randal Killip

Profile for Media

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Randal has close to 20 years’ experience working as a senior manager at a number of leading media intelligence providers, including Media Stable, Cubit Media Research and today runs his own successful media engagement business Profile For Media. Through his career he has provided communications and marketing advice to some of Australia’s largest firms, government departments, agencies, not-for-profits and leading commentators, assisting them in cross-channelling their external marketing across from traditional to the new media.

He is a leading authority in the measurement and delivery of communications and messaging, providing unique insights in how business, organisations and governments can cut through the noise and reach their target audience. 


Topic: Unravelling the Mystery of Successful Media Engagement

Media is often the great mystery for organisations. Having spent countless hours preparing media releases with no response, or even if they do get an opportunity with media, finding that the coverage fails to yield the traction they were expecting.

The answer to this mystery is simple Like “you are approaching media in the wrong way” and through his presentation Randal will unlock the secret to not only how organisations can get coverage, but as importantly, how they can get the right coverage providing them with the maximum impact, all whilst protecting and enhancing their reputation.

So if successful media engagement has proved elusive to you and your organisation, as we say in media, this is a presentation that you cannot afford to miss!


Hon Dr Gary Johns

Commissioner of the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits (ACNC)

Contact Details:


The Hon Dr Gary Johns is the Commissioner of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

Dr Johns has previously held roles as a Director of the Australian Institute for Progress, and an Adjunct Professor at the Queensland University of Technology Business School.

He has served as a member of the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership, and has wide-ranging experience in regulation, public service and policy, serving as an Associate Commissioner of the Productivity Commission and representing the electorate of Petrie in the Federal Government from 1987 to 1996, and as minister in the Keating government. Dr Johns was also a columnist for The Australian, and has authored a number of books on charities and the not-for-profit sector.


Topic: A better informed charity market
Dr Gary will be Speaking about making data collected by ACNC available in a language useful to donors- the language of programs- what charities deliver.

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