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Raphael is the Managing Director of Better Boards. He has spent a decade working closely with, and curating educational programs for, NFP directors, boards and executives. Raphael has a deep interest in the intersection of technology, decision making, investment and behavioural economics. He regularly writes and speaks on technology in the boardroom, decision making and biases, governance, leadership and related NFP matters.

: Running Awesome & Effective Board Meetings

Running streamlined and effective meetings is an often overlooked part of effective not-for-profit governance. While personality clashes between board members, high stress topics and organisational or community politics can cause no end of problems for boards, most unproductive board meetings (and board problems) are caused by simple structural choices or assumptions.

Changes to basic aspects of your meetings like timing of meetings, agenda structure etc… can shift a board (or board meeting) from being unproductive to being highly effective. Join Raphael in this session to gain practical tips and insights to help you improve your board or committee meetings.


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