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Randal Killip

Profile for Media

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Randal has close to 20 years’ experience working as a senior manager at a number of leading media intelligence providers, including Media Stable, Cubit Media Research and today runs his own successful media engagement business Profile For Media. Through his career he has provided communications and marketing advice to some of Australia’s largest firms, government departments, agencies, not-for-profits and leading commentators, assisting them in cross-channelling their external marketing across from traditional to the new media.

He is a leading authority in the measurement and delivery of communications and messaging, providing unique insights in how business, organisations and governments can cut through the noise and reach their target audience. 


Topic: Unravelling the Mystery of Successful Media Engagement

Media is often the great mystery for organisations. Having spent countless hours preparing media releases with no response, or even if they do get an opportunity with media, finding that the coverage fails to yield the traction they were expecting.

The answer to this mystery is simple Like “you are approaching media in the wrong way” and through his presentation Randal will unlock the secret to not only how organisations can get coverage, but as importantly, how they can get the right coverage providing them with the maximum impact, all whilst protecting and enhancing their reputation.

So if successful media engagement has proved elusive to you and your organisation, as we say in media, this is a presentation that you cannot afford to miss!


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