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Past Events

Collins & Co NFP Conference held on 22 March 2017

On 22 March 2017, Collins & Co hosted a hugely successful NFP Conference at the Melbourne Cricket Club. The Conference was designed to give the delegates the opportunity to gain practical knowledge from our seven speakers who are experts in their field.


The speakers were:

  • Ash Rosshandler - Goodcompany
  • Felicity Green - Sparkstrategy
  • Andrea Collett - Community business Bureau
  • Craig Stephens 
  • James Garland - Garland Blanchard
  • Michelle Gibbings - Change Meridian
  • Wayne Buckingham - Mutual Limited
  • Brian Buckley - Mutual Limited
  • Mat Fitzgerald - Digital Social Impact Cosultant
  • Patrick Moriarty - Our Community
  • Ann Watson - Entreprenuer Whisperer
  • Ross Wyatt - Think Impact
  • Meredith Lewis - Dangerous Meredith


The topics covered were:

  • The future of workplace giving
  • LeadeIn search of sustainability - NFP business model innovation
  • Moving from threat to opportunity 
  • Understanding the Financial Statements
  • Performance in the age of connection  - why measurement still matters
  • Mdelling leadership as a board
  • Underdstanding and overcoming the challenges in developing anfd sustaining a sucessfull fundraising program
  • Thriving through change
  • Smart impact through smart digital
  • Being a board member should make you grow
  • How great imoact measurement and communication can transform your struggling NFP into a For-Purpose powerhouse
  • How to take the pulse of your workplace culture


The overwhelming feedback from our delegates indicated that everyone enjoyed the day and found plenty of ideas to take away and implement personally or in their organisations.


If you would like to attend the 2018 Not-For-Profit conference please email 


Collins & Co NFP Conference held on 17 March 2016

On 17 March 7, Collins & Co hosted their second Not-For-Profit conference and gave others the opportunity to gain practical knowledge from our seven speakers who are experts in their field.

The speakers were:


  • Ann Watson
  • Chris Varney
  • Derek Mortimer
  • Kate Hamer 
  • Maria Stavrakis
  • Meredith Lewis
  • Michelle Taylor
  • Penny SmitsSocial Traders
  • Wayne Turner



The topics covered were:


  • Starting a NFP from scratch
  • Brand protection
  • Excellence in Leadership/Staff Retention and Innovation into practical
  • Fraud: welcome to your worst nightmare
  • Developing your brand
  • Managing change
  • Establishing an effective working relationship with your board
  • Turning your business plan into a living document



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