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Michael McGann

Michael McGann

Skysdesign Social Enterprise

Michael has worked with small businesses and for purpose organisations since 2005. In 2011 he joined a small consulting firm working with for purpose organisations on a range of projects including value proposition and brand development, social enterprise feasibility and planning. In this role, he worked with a wide range of organisations including youth, disability and indigenous organisations. In 2103, he joined social enterprise design studio, skysdesign as Business Development Manager and has steered the organisation to have a dedicated focus on social purpose organisation needs.

Michael is now the Senior Manager, Social Enterprise Development at St Kilda Community Housing and combines his skysdesign responsibilities with this role.

He is also the chair of a small charity in St Kilda


Topic: Brand Management for complexity

Organisations are being forced to clearly articulate what they stand for, justify how their funds are spent, prove the outcomes they are achieving, recruit mission driven employees and engage supporters and donors.

At the same time the 2018 ACNC Trust survey suggests that public trust in charities is declining.

In this session we’ll take a look at what role your organisations’ brand plays in managing this complexity and present suggestions for strategic brand management.

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