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Kim Boswell

The Forever Agenda, Founder

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Kim is a trainer, coach and facilitator who specialises in the frontlines of the not for profit sector; fundraising, community engagement and volunteer programs. She is passionate about bringing out the best in purpose driven people and guiding them to excel in their chosen cause while making a huge positive impact on the world.

Building big capacity and raising millions of dollars across the globe, Kim has worked in leadership roles in more than 25 countries, building powerful, innovative programs that make a difference in the lives of both the communities they serve, and the staff and volunteers who work within them. Kims fundraising career has seen her raise more than 15 million dollars from small donor acquisition, recruit more than 8500 volunteers and train and coach over 750 new and emerging not for profit leaders. Kim is the founder of The Forever Agenda, where she offers services and innovative programs developed to elevate those who work for a better forever.


Topic: How your money mindset is impacting your fundraising income

We all come with a backstory on money. Our story creates embedded beliefs, formed and shaped through our life experiences. The problem is that these beliefs play out throughout our language and lives, invisibly derailing our fundraising acquisition, sabotaging our personal earning potential and ultimately influencing our organisations and their ability to have an impact in the world.

The good news is, you can break the cycle; uncovering your hidden money beliefs, shifting the energy and moving forward with ease to smash your goals. We know our mind affects our reality and waking up to the impacts of our mindset of our bottom line and taking the practical steps towards shifting it is a huge gift to our  fundraising staff, volunteers, ourselves and the many people that benefit from our work.

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