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Gordon Jenkins

Gordon Jenkins

The Visible Guy

Gordon Jenkins, The Visible Guy™, is the straight-talking authority on Networking. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, professional speaker, mentor, coach and advisor. He is the international author of Network with Purpose – Transform your skills in 4 simple steps. He has been described as ‘a first-class operator due to his strategic approach, natural relationship-building, commercial expertise, and proven methodologies delivering business and personal growth. A consummate networker constantly using his connections and networks to benefit others’.

His ability to connect with diverse groups of people is compelling. The Visible Guy has spent over 25 years enabling others to navigate, commit to and action change. He supports, helps and guides his audiences through the maze of self-belief breaking down barriers, encouraging self-driven accountability and celebrating success. The Visible Guy is living proof that no matter what the challenge, you can transform the situation and position yourself for success. The biggest cap on your growth is you.

His keynote presentation ‘Who’s on your plane?’ has garnered significant growth outcomes across a diverse range of industries including Not for Profit. Please take your seats ready for takeoff.

Topic: Who's on Your Plane?

Who is going to help you achieve your goals over the next 7 years?

How do you create activity so others are compelled to seek you out?

What if you could determine, within minutes, who, what and how you can influence decisions?

Who’s on your plane will:
• Transform the way that people interact with you
• Strengthen your purpose
• Compel others to seek you out
• Generate more meaningful relationships
• Enhance communication and trust
• Ensure that the people you are connected with are on the same journey as you.

If you want to distinguish you and your firm from the competition then you need to have the right people on your plane.

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