Compensation Payments, Home as a Place of Business, Christmas & the Taxman

In this month’s edition of Tax & Super, we take a look at a few different topics in the space of Tax and Super. This month’s newsletter is a busy one! Including, compensation payments, the home as a place of business, inheriting rental properties jointly, SuperStream deadline fast approaching, Christmas & the Taxman. Don’t miss out on this jam-packed newsletter. Read more by clicking this link  Read more

Tax & Super Newsletter – Sept 2021 Edition

Working away from home, the ins and outs of being between homes and more SMSF news. This month’s tax and superannuation newsletter is brimming with information about emerging risks in SMSFs, changes to travel costs for those working on the road and buying a new home before selling the old one. Read more in this link. On the road again, being between homes and emerging risks in SMSFs.  Read more

Tax Matters – August 2021 Edition

The winter edition of Tax Matters is now available for you to read. Cryptocurrency is a hot topic at the moment. The ATO treats any profit made from cryptocurrency as either capital gains or income. Please read for further information. In this edition, we discuss the following topics. Tax Consequences of Cryptocurrency Record keeping tips for your next tax return What to avoid doing when making a car-related tax deduction…  Read more

Tax & Super – August 2021 edition

What the new Your Future, Your Super means for you Recent legislative reforms to the superannuation arena are set to change the retirement savings landscape for many Australians. Capital works deductions for rental property Rental property investors can claim capital works deductions for construction costs for a rental property, however there are limits imposed in relation to the dates such works were completed. The deductions are only available on residential…  Read more

Lodgement Rates & Thresholds – July 2021

To save you having to laboriously search for the right tax rate or relevant threshold, the essential information is right here in one place. This guide includes tax rates, including individual minor and non-resident rates, corporate rates, offset limits and benchmarks, rebate levels, allowances, and essential super as well as FBT rates and thresholds. There is also essential medicare information and foreign currency exchanged information. All of this can be…  Read more

Tax Implications of Cryptocurrency (AU)

With cryptocurrencies gaining notoriety, many people are unclear on how or when they can be taxed. Despite widespread belief to the contrary, you can be taxed on gains made as a result of obtaining or using cryptocurrency. If you’ve made a profit from trading cryptocurrency, for example, you need to declare it at tax time. Here is some important information on cryptocurrencies and their implications for your taxes. How cryptocurrency…  Read more

Tax & Super – July 2021 Edition

We know you want to get your tax right, so it may help to know how to avoid making what the ATO has found are the most common mistakes. In the July edition of Tax & Super, you will see these tips along with the following topics. Getting deductions for clothing and laundry expenses right Steps to take when winding up your SMSF When the taxman sends a bill, not…  Read more

Tax & Super – June 2021 edition

The June edition of Tax & Super is available for you to read. In this edition we will be covering the following topics. The tax treatment of cryptocurrency New guidance on “personal services income” rules Briefing a barrister The ATO’s eligibility requirements for SMSF trustees or directors The newsletter is available here. As always if you have any questions, do hesitate to reach out to us on 03 9680 1000.  Read more

Tax & Super – Special Budget Edition 2021-22

The Government has decided not to go down the austerity path, which will be a relief for many taxpayers and businesses. In this release of Tax & Super, we provide a special budget edition. It includes the following items: Superannuation and Related Measures Housing Business Welfare Individuals You can find out more here.  Read more

Tax Matters – May Budget edition 2021

The Federal Budget for 2021-2022 was announced last night. This guide provides you with the following information The Budget 2021-22 – A Continued Win for Small Business The Federal Budget – Tax Measures The Federal Budget – Superannuation Changes Continuing the SME Recovery Loan Scheme JobKeeper Overpayments Family Assistance Payments and more……….. Please click here to read the Tax Matters guide. As always, if you need further clarification, please do…  Read more

Tax & Super – May 2021 edition

Welcome to the May edition of Tax & Super. This is your monthly tax and super update keeping you on top of the issues, news and changes you need to know. In this edition we will be covering the following topics. EOFY tips for your tax plan Dealing with excess before-tax super contributions The SME Recovery Loan Scheme is now open Evidencing SMSF property valuations Independent audit review for small…  Read more

Year End Strategies for 2020-2021

The Year End Strategies tax guide for 2020-2021 guide is now available. In this edition we will cover the following topics. Significant Changes to Instant Asset Write-off 2021 End of Financial Year Checklist Gains or losses from Cryptocurrency Tax  Tips for Property Investors and more…… The guide can be read here. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  Read more

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