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Cash Flow Managment

No matter how profitable your business might be, if you cannot pay your bills, the business may be forced to close.


Employees can’t wait on pay checks until your customers pay. Your landlord does not care that you are having difficulties collecting from your debtors. Suppliers may not be willing to extend further credit, thus you may not be able to purchase the goods you need in order to supply your customers.


“More businesses fail due to lack of cash flow than lack of profit.”


We can prepare a cashflow projection for your business. This is a projection of the business's cash inflows and outflows over a certain period, i.e. three to six months.


The main purpose of using a cash flow projection is to predict the business's ability to collect more cash than it pays out. This gives management some indication of the business's ability to create the funds necessary for expansion, or its ability to support the business owner. A cash flow projection can also predict your business's cash flow shortages, i.e. times when cash outflows exceed cash inflows, when combined with your cash in the bank.


We can help clients prepare cash flow projections and budgets to help them with assessing how their business are performing against expectations and to pre-empt potential future cash flow issues in the business.


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