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Business Structures

Using the most appropriate legal structure for your business is very important and has the following consequences if not addressed correctly: inadequate asset protection, personal liability for business debt, higher marginal tax, risks associated with ownership, and legal complexity.


We are happy to work with you and your legal advisors to find the structure most suitable for your business.


A shareholder, unit holder or partnership agreement is an important document that controls the rights and obligations between the respective parties in the business. It also helps with the clarification of the understanding between business associates and owners on how changes in ownership, both voluntary and involuntary (in the event of death or incapacity) will affect the relevant parties.


These owner agreements are often supported by the appropriate keyman insurance policies to fund the financial requirements in the case of changes in ownership forced by involuntary events.


We are happy to work with you and your legal advisors and financial planning professionals to assist finding the most suitable solution and to ensure that the tax implications of keyman insurance are dealt with correctly.


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